Our work focuses on three pillars that connect New Yorkers to the essential work of DSNY — innovation, education, and stewardship. Through these programs, we engage residents and businesses in safe, sustainable, and mindful waste management practices.


The Department of Sanitation plays a critical role in daily operations that keep our city healthy, safe, and clean. The Foundation seeks to support and expand upon this mission by forming creative partnerships, and galvanizing industry leaders to approach waste management in innovative ways.



We educate New Yorkers about the Department of Sanitation’s vital services, how to engage in programs, and share that even “trash” can be treasured. Elevating the essential role of Sanitation workers as local heroes and emergency first responders fosters a culture of respect for our workforce and the waste management process.

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We know how much New Yorkers care about their city and are driven to give back to their community. We organize individual and corporate volunteer opportunities that support the daily work of Sanitation workers while raising awareness about the importance of responsible waste management.

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